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Costs and Fees

We endeavour to keep additional costs and fees at a level which is mindful of the financial resources of families. To help families, an automatic payment arrangement can be put in place which allows for gradual repayments of costs such as uniform, stationery and subject contributions. A deposit of $85 is required on signing up for AP, once you are signed up to our system we will issue you with purchase cards. Payments can be made either weekly, fortnightly or monthly at minimum amounts of: Weekly - $20, Fortnightly $40, Monthly $75, and are to be paid up by end of October. Any outstanding fees from the previous year are to be paid before a new AP is set up. Repayments must be set at a rate which will clear accounts by the end of each year.

Stationery and Textbooks:

The College has a Stationery Shop which provides quality stationery at competitive prices. All pupils new to the College are required to pay a once-only textbook deposit of $20, this is refundable upon leaving school. Pupils must pay for any loan books lost, destroyed or damaged.

Specific Subject Fees:

The school has a responsibility to offer programmes which provide a wide range of experiences and also satisfy national course requirements. We endeavour to do this while keeping subject fees as low as possible. Fees and costs for each subject is provided in the Subject Information Guides.

Sports Fees and Costs:

Students participating in co-curricular sporting codes and teams are likely to have fees and costs associated with this. Sports fees are made known through the school newsletter and must be paid at the beginning of the sports season.