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Parent Portal

Access the Parent Portal

To access your child’s academic and attendance record via the KAMAR Student Management System, you can either login as a parent or as a student. To login as a student – the username is the student’s unique 5-digit ID number and their password, which they will know. To login as a parent use the student’s ID number for the username and your parent password. If you are unsure what your password is, please email student services: studentservices@haurakiplains.school.nz

Come check out the Hub Blog (NZ Library Search) below: https://parentportal.haurakiplains.school.nz/athenaeum/

School App

We have a school app that is available to download for Apple and Android phones and tablets. It can not be installed on computers. The app can be found by searching for 'school apps NZ' in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once installed, search for Hauraki Plains College to load our school information. The app is another communication stream between school and families and is a one-stop shop for a range of information:

Download the App

  • Contact details of all staff
  • Links to websites
  • Daily notices
  • A KAMAR parent portal that allows students and their parents/caregivers access to their academic record and attendance
  • A map of the school
  • School newsletters
  • A school events calendar
  • Parents/caregivers are able to log their child’s absence from school directly from the app

The app also allows students and their parents/caregivers to subscribe to different groups in the school such as sports teams and cultural sports. Once subscribed, app users will be able to receive ‘push notification’ alerts on their devices from teachers and coaches informing them of relevant information such as sports practice cancellations. We realise that not all families will have access to a device so traditional forms of communication will continue to be used as well. Coaches will provide more information once their codes are up-and-running for the year.

For more assistance in using the app please contact our e-Learning facilitator and Deputy Principal Jonathan O’Neill: jonathano@haurakiplains.school.nz.

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