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River Whānau

Every student needs a champion, a significant adult, a ‘go to’ person; someone who guides students as they navigate their way to the future; someone who says ‘this work is important and I will not give up on you’.

We want our students to believe:  I am capable, I matter, I belong.  We want them to practise Rangatiratanga, Manaakitanga and Kaitiakitanga.  We want them to take responsibility for their own learning, achievement and wellbeing.

Students will have a 10min check in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with their River Guides and Wednesday mornings is a 75min structured lesson “learning ready, life ready, work ready, world ready” programme.

For this purpose we have established River Whānau who, where possible, stay together for their time at college. The role of the River Guide is critical, their job is to:

Build positive relationships:

  • Get to know students and take an ongoing interest in each student
  • Shape the River Whānau to be a supportive team for each student

Monitor and encourage students to do well in their students and achieve qualifications 

  • Monitor their progress through the year and support students to achieve their best work
  • Liaise with teachers and caregivers / whānau if the student is facing challenges in their learning

Help to support students with behavioural issues and wellbeing needs

  • Help students to meet the school’s expectations for behaviour (The Hauraki Way)
  • Follow up attendance issues
  • Take a role in monitoring the wellbeing of each student.
  • Encourage students to seek help
  • Encourage students to participate in co-curricular event

Provide a life skills programme that focuses on:

  • Positive identity
  • Learning tools
  • Career Pathways
  • Personal wellbeing
  • Positive relationships
  • Life skills
  • Our story, our Whānau
  • Our place in the world

Be a point of contact for parents and whānau


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