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The Hauraki Way

Self-Discipline in a Caring Community

The Hauraki Way:

We believe that learning happens best in an environment which is orderly and has clearly established expectations for student behaviour. The Hauraki Way establishes clear boundaries for students and students are encouraged to be self-disciplined and take responsibility for their own behaviour.

As part of the enrolment process, students are expected to read and agree to the Hauraki Way. This includes times and places outside of the school grounds or school hours when students can clearly be identified as a student of this school.

H         Hands off people and property
A         Allow others to learn
U         Use appropriate language
R         Remember your manners and RMK
A         Alcohol, smoking and drugs are not on
K         Keep it kind. Keep it respectful. Keep it honest
I           Instructions must be followed. Adults are in charge

W        Wear our uniform with pride
A         Arrive on time and stay within school boundaries
Y          You are responsible for your own actions

We take a firm stand on any behaviour which compromises the safety and effective learning of other students, including disruptive behaviour in the classroom, disrespect to teachers and aggressive behaviour such as bullying or fighting.

At the same time, students are given considerable support to make positive behavioural change. We encourage students to put things right if there has been an instance of misconduct and to accept the consequences of their actions. Restorative and strength based practices are an important part of the way we work.

Hauraki Plains College Information Technology Use:

Hauraki Plains College strives to offer all students’ access to a range of ICT-related resources and courses. The College allows students access to the Internet, as well as to a constantly expanding Intranet system including a specifically designed HPC app.

Students are encouraged to bring their own technology device.

Every effort is made to screen or filter out controversial, inappropriate or offensive material and regular monitoring occurs to ensure that students are using information technology resources in an appropriate manner related to their learning. It is, however, impossible to guarantee full time supervision of every single student and students are required to be responsible in IT use including not accessing or distributing inappropriate materials in any form.

Student Information Technology Agreement:

Students and their caregivers are required to use digital technologies in an appropriate and legal manner and for learning purposes. Using digital technologies wisely involves:

  • Respecting self: Using online names and language that is appropriate. Being careful about posting personal information.
  • Protecting self: Being careful about posting personal information, not sharing passwords.
  • Respecting others: Not using electronic means to bully, harass, stalk or shame others.
  • Protecting others: Reporting abuse, not forwarding inappropriate or unkind materials.
  • Respecting intellectual property: Giving credit where it is due, asking permission to use materials.
  • Protecting school property: Taking care with all electronic and digital equipment.

Technology Zones:

We believe that digital technologies enhance learning for students. At the same time, it is important that young people develop positive face to face relationships. For this purpose, a “technology zoning” system is in place:

  • Green zone: all devices acceptable (e.g. cell phones, Chromebook)
  • Amber zone: restricted use of devices (e.g. Chromebook only)
  • Red Zone: no technology (e.g. interval and lunchtimes)