Excellence is our Tradition

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Our School

Hauraki Plains College is a rural school situated in the township of Ngatea, central to Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and the Coromandel.

Our Core Values

Doing Our Best Work

Working hard, digging in when the going gets tough, not giving up.

Being Who We Are

Developing one's uniqueness while appreciating the unique talents and interests of others.

Honoring our Heritage

Appreciating our unique identity as Haurakians and as New Zealanders, understanding our place in the world.

Doing the Right Thing

The Hauraki Way challenges us to do the right thing even if it is the hardest thing.

Daring to Dream

Going after big goals and pursuing a purposeful career direction, aiming to go higher and further than what we think possible.

Excellence is Our Tradition

Becoming our best selves, striving for, demanding and supporting excellence in all we are and do.

Flat Out and Loving it

Giving things a go, getting involved, participating and contributing.

Leaving a Legacy

Seeking to make a difference.

Each for All

Our school motto and watermark which permeates everything we do, being and standing together.

Our Charter

The vision, mission and values of Hauraki Plains College are represented by the enduring features of the Hauraki landscape and our school charter. The central metaphor, the river flowing out to the widening sea, represents our core mission: to prepare our students for a purposeful and hopeful future. Students are prepared for their futures when they become their best selves and develop a sense of identity, purposeful direction and meaningful contribution for their lives.

Developing character, competence and  community provide the framework for our work and in fulfilling the vision and mission of our charter, we are guided by our core values.

What we offer our young people

  • High academic achievement within a learning-focussed culture. Our NCEA pass rates are consistently over 95% at all levels. We encourage students to set high expectations with all aspects of their qualifications.
  • A sense of I can, I matter, I belong, with high expectations and high support for each student.
  • An emphasis on traditional values such as showing respect, taking responsibility for one's actions, being considerate of others and striving for personal best.
  • Meeting the learning needs of each student from the very academically able to those who enjoy "hands on" learning.
  • Developing the talents and interests of all our young people through a wide range of sporting, cultural and leadership and service experiences and opportunities.
  • A "one student at a time" approach to tracking and monitoring academic progress, mentoring students, providing pastoral support and giving extensive guidance with establishing a career direction for their future.
Hauraki Plains College