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School Routine

The School Day:

Students are required to be at school by 8:35am and the final bell rings at 3:05pm.

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A young person is required by law to attend school every day on which the school is open until the age of 16 years is reached.  A 90% attendance rate is required to achieve the Junior Certificate of Learning, the Junior Diploma of Learning and for Senior Graduation. Absence for ill health, medical or dental appointments and family bereavements require an explanation from parents / caregivers. We appreciate parents emailing (studentservices@haurakiplains.school.nz) or phoning in and leaving a message on any day your child is absent. Parents can also communicate an absence via the school app. Absence for matters outside the above, especially extended absences require the principal to be informed. Please be aware that in most cases, the Ministry deem absences, such as family holidays, to be unjustified.

Use of Cell Phones:

Cell phones are not permitted at Hauraki Plains College. If parents / whānau believe the student must have a cell phone (e.g. for contacting after school), the phone must be handed in to the Student Centre prior to River Time and collected at the end of the school day.

Parents are able to phone the school office if contact with the student is needed during the school day. Similarly, students are welcome to make calls from the Student Centre if needing to contact parents.

If a student is found to be using a cell phone during the school day, the cell phone will be removed, stored securely and returned to the student at the end of the day. The student will be given a consequence to complete.

The school takes no responsibility for the theft of a cell phone or other personal technology devices at school. We have high expectations for students in managing their use of cell phones. Students are made aware of these expectations through our handbook, and clarifying information can be found on our school phone policy (accessible via school docs).


Passes Out of School:

For safety reasons, it is essential that the school knows the whereabouts of pupils at all times during the school day. Pupils who need to leave the school grounds for any reason during the school day need a Street Pass.  This is issued by a Dean and requires a written note from home.  Street passes are not issued to buy lunch or food downtown.

Students are not permitted to go home or visit the homes of friends during interval or lunchtimes.

Illness at School:

A sickbay facility caters for pupils suffering injury or who are temporarily unwell. Children who are clearly unwell at home should not be sent to school. Staff trained in First Aid are on hand to deal with most minor injuries and illness.  In more serious or urgent matters, pupils will be referred to the Health Centre in Ngatea and the College will make every effort to contact parents / caregivers or the emergency contact number. To assist in this, it is essential that an emergency contact phone number is given to the College on enrolment.

Pupils who become unwell during the school day will be directed to the sick bay and in most cases, parents / caregivers or the emergency contact will be contacted for the student to be collected and taken home. Parental consent is required for pain relief medication to be issued.

Bus Travel:

To be eligible to travel on school buses, students must live more than 4.8 kilometres from any secondary school.  For specific information on bus routes contact:


Pupils are expected to be at their pick-up point at least 10 minutes prior to the suggested pick-up time. Buses are not public transport vehicles. Travelling on another bus from your normal one is not permitted.

Because the safety of so many people is involved, strict standards of behaviour are enforced on school buses. Students need to be mindful that they may lose the right to travel on a school bus if behaviour is unacceptable. Any queries regarding school transport should be directed to the Bus Controller at the college - Michelle Isbister (michellei@haurakiplains.school.nz)

Download Bus Eligibility Factsheet

Students Bringing Vehicles to School:

The safety of students is our first consideration and students are not encouraged to bring vehicles to school.  If it is necessary to do so, students need to complete a Vehicle Permit form from the Student Centre requesting permission to do so. Student and parent responsibilities are outlined on this form.

Picking Up Students During School Hours:

Parents calling for students during the school day must arrange to pick them up at the Student Centre.

Photos of Students:

We like to celebrate the successes of students as well as share with our school community the many and varied activities of our students. For this reason, photos of students are published in school newsletters, in our Community Newsletter, Plains Profile and other publications. We require the consent of parents / students to use photos for this purpose. Please refer to the enrolment form.

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