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Health and Guidance Services

Guidance and Counselling:

The guidance network, including Guidance Counsellor, Deans and River guides, ensures that every student has access to pastoral support. The Guidance Counsellor is available to provide confidential support for students who have issues and concerns of a personal nature.

Drug and Alcohol counselling is available on site from a CareNZ Drug and Alcohol counsellor. For those who require more specialist support, students have access to an extensive range of external agencies through the Guidance Counsellor.

Parents are encouraged to contact the Guidance Counsellor if you wish to discuss an issue regarding your child.

Free Medical Services:

A free medical service is available to students on site for an hour each Tuesday.  All students have access to this service.  A Public Health Nurse also is available at this time. Students are required to make appointments through the Student Centre.